Lulu in London, self-publishing a children’s book in the UK, the Amazon complication

FairyNow I feel dopey.  Having allowed myself to be chatted up by (rather expensive) BookSurge  it  turns out that Lulu DID, in fact, make my book available on American Amazon.   So, where did I go wrong?

Get ready to concentrate – if you are Ireland or UK based you will have a slightly tougher time than our fellow authors in the states.  So listen up.

For starters, I did not realise until now that Amazon is in fact many, many different Amazons operating in different territories.  If you are self-publishing in the UK and Ireland with Lulu  then you have to go an extra mile to be on Amazon in your own country.  The American listing is in the bag so don’t panic like I did.  Your book might show up as being out of print (and BookSurge will sidle up to you promising to help)  but stay calm and wait.  It WILL appear.  The UK one is trickier. is one of the smaller Amazons not included in the basic Lulu package.  Well, that’s no big deal, the Expanded Distribution, which is under 40 quid, will get you a lucky bag full of mini Amazons which includes the UK.  But if , like me , you did not realize  that one day you would want Lulu’s  Expanded Distribution your book might be the wrong size and shape.  Don’t ask me to explain this – all I can say is that in American they have a factory that makess squares.  In the UK the factory makes rectangles.  The labyrinthine Lulu FAQ are worth studying.  Type Global Reach into their  help search box and you will find a nice chart.

In fact – here it is:

Still with me?  Now I am going to add one more warning.  Just now Lulu is having some trouble with their UK distribution.  Here is the message they sent me last week:

We have temporarily suspended our uploads of new listings to because of a bug that is affecting all of our listings so if your books listing was not complete it may have been set as unavailable. Again, I am sorry for the frustration that this has cause but, I assure you that we are working diligently to get this sorted out on our side.

I’m happy to wait or Lulu to sort themselves out for my next book which is A Fairy in the family translated into Irish. If anyone knows a better way onto UK Amazon, please let me know.

Now  – you my have found this dull – but wait til you see my post on tax forms!!

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3 Responses to “Lulu in London, self-publishing a children’s book in the UK, the Amazon complication”

  1. Diana Says:

    well I think it’s interesting!

  2. Tania Says:

    Really useful advice about self-publishing from someone who’s been through it, thanks for the tips!

  3. Diane Says:

    Well written Avs…

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